Our Story

The cookie story began in March 2011. Husband and wife duo began taking photos of a vacant location in the Galleria Mall. This location would eventually be the home of Cookies n Cream, a cookie and ice cream store.

Bonnie didn’t have any experience in the cookie business, but she loved baking cookies at home! In the beginning, Bonnie purchased cookie dough through a distributor which offered a product the customers enjoyed. But, customers had no idea Bonnie was working hard on her own line of cookies that they would love!

February 2012, Bonnie began offering her brand of cookies at Cookies n Cream. A brand of cookies made with the finest ingredients and no preservatives. Bonnie believed in the old fashioned way of making cookies, from scratch & hand scooped. Cookies are baked fresh every day and if cookies are leftover at the end of the day, they are donated to the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank.

Bonnie is humbled and thankful that a story can be told each day about a customer who traveled many miles to taste Bonnie’s Cookies.